「The Labyrinth of Necropolis (Necros Fortress Painter: Collaborative Work)」 Description


Collaborative artist biography: “Adachi Hiroshi”.


He is the painter and author of “The Fortress of Necros”, the author of “Tengai Makyo” (under the name PH Chadha), and one of the founding members of Red Company. He is also one of the founding members of Red Company. Even though he is retired, he is still working on “Dendro Gigas” and “Dungeon Champ”.

The Secrets of Dengiga, Necros, and Necropolis


The board game adaptation of Dendro Gigas was rejected, but Adachi-san liked the project of “Labyrinth of the Necropolis,” and the idea of doing this with Dengiga came up early on.

Actually, Dendro Gigas is a continuation of Necros’ Fortress and has the same world view. (Necros will also appear in the 16th issue of Dengiga.) However, we don’t have the budget to continue working on it, so if the board game is popular, we propose to use the profits to make a continuation of Dendro Gigas. (As it turns out, we couldn’t accomplish this with the profits from the board game.

Adachi’s method is to create the game system first, then the numerical values, then the character attributes, and finally the pictures and story. (The same method was used for Necros, Dengiga, and Dungeon Champ.) Therefore, Zineen was allowed to come up with rough ideas for character designs, and I came up with some characters that were more like Necros.

In the final stage of creating the story, Adachi-san told me that all the characters for the board game should be animals, so all the characters I had drawn for Necropolis were rejected. So I decided to split “Labyrinth of Necropolis” into an independent project and proceed with it.

In “Labyrinths of Necropolis”, the main monsters such as the boss characters were illustrated by Adachi, while Zineen’s illustrations for the board game were used for the minor characters. As a result, the number of characters is large, and there are many characters that could appear in Necros, such as Emperor Knight.


There was a belief called the “Demon Labyrinth” that it would continue to grow with the lives of those who wandered into the labyrinth. Necropolis, the king of necromancers, is a former human who tried to build a kingdom by creating demons from the corpses of people who died in the labyrinth. He plans to use himself as a sacrifice to revive the Labyrinth.