“DUNGEON CHAMP (Collaboration of PC Genjin and Tengai Makyou original work)Explanation

「DUNGEON CHAMP(ダンジョンチャンプ)(PC原人・天外魔境原作コラボ作品)」解説

◆Board game version

「DUNGEON CHAMP(ダンジョンチャンプ)(PC原人・天外魔境原作コラボ作品)」解説

The original game was written by Hiroshi Adachi (Necros fortress painter, Tengai Makyou original creator, and PC original creator). Originally, the story of “Dendro Gigas”, which has more than 30 bullets, could not be finished as it was, so I submitted a proposal to sell it as a board game with stickers attached, but the proposal was rejected.

At the meeting, I was told that there was a game called “Zoonie Warriors” that was to be released on the PC Engine in the 90’s. I was shown a proposal from that time, and since it was a game project in which Adachi, Tsujino, and Mizutani were collaborating as artists, I decided to use that system as a foundation.

The subtitle of “Zoonie Warriors” was “Dungeon Champ,” and Adachi had already drawn and completed the title logo, so we decided to go with that. At the last minute, I was told that all the characters would be animals, which was not what I had in mind (laughs), so I had to split the project up.

Originally, the characters from “Labyrinth of Necropolis” were to be the enemies in the board game, but this was changed and the characters were hastily redrawn.

◆Sticker version

「DUNGEON CHAMP(ダンジョンチャンプ)(PC原人・天外魔境原作コラボ作品)」解説

The game was illustrated by Zineen. The game was illustrated by Zineen, and the title logo and other parts were drawn by Adachi. The characters that were rejected will be reprinted as extras on the sticker version. Therefore, the sticker version has a large number of cards because there are a large number of characters that do not appear in the board game.


The continent of Zoolant is a world inhabited by an animal race called the Zoony. In the south of Zeeland, in the swampy jungle, there were the ruins of a large castle. It was a castle called the Castle of Ten Bells, where a great king named Crockdale had appeared in ancient times and conquered Zeeland. Crockdale took refuge in a demon god named Monopool, and gained magical power to summon monsters, acquire new conquered lands, and rang the bells with joy every time he brought the treasures of the region into the castle.

He was so stingy that he monopolized all the treasures in Zeeland and hid them in a large dungeon under the Castle of Ten Bells. However, it is said that he was too stingy and possessive to share his treasures with his subordinates, so they eventually gave up on him and the kingdom fell into ruin. However, Crocodile became an evil spirit and still wanders the underground dungeons, guarding the treasure…. Among the Zoonies, there were adventurers who made a career out of searching for treasure.

The adventurers were followers of the goddess Aithemis, who was the god of treasure distribution against the Monopool. Collecting treasures in the temple box of Aithemis will earn Aithemis’ blessing. Their target was the treasures of the Clock Dile in the Castle of the Ten-Point Bell. However, this dungeon is designed to suck you into the deepest part of the basement as soon as you try to enter.

The adventurers must escape with the treasure. The Zoonies enjoyed this adventure as a kind of game and formed teams to compete with each other. The one who escapes with the most valuable treasure is given the title of “Dungeon Champ” and is praised.