【Oha! Miko Kyonsei!】Explanation


◆Speaking of Japanese style zombies in the 80’s, Kyonshi!

Hong Kong and Taiwanese movies were explosively popular in the 80’s, such as Reigendoji, Yugendoji, and Lai Lai Kyung-Shi.

When I looked up the copyright of the characters, I found out that the costumes of Kyung-Shi were from the Qing Dynasty in China, like kimonos in period dramas. Since it is based on an old Chinese legend, it is in the public domain, just like monsters and goblins in the West.

The protagonist changes her position from priestess to daoist!

These are the daughters of the main character. If you complete the Seven Gods of Good Fortune Mandala, your profession will advance your career!

Characters other than the protagonist are a trio.

Left ‘Seven Gods of Good Fortune’ (glittering prism material)
Middle ‘Mischievous Monster’ (normal material)
Right ‘Kyonshi’ (Aluminum Material)

The goal is to complete the Mandala of the Seven Lucky Gods!

The first step is to place the Seven Lucky Gods stickers in the center. Then, as a miko (priestess), exterminate the monsters and collect the east, west, south, north and south of the monsters and place them in the four corners. Next, collect the east, west, south, north, and south of Kyonshi, paste the Gofuda on the forehead, and place them in the top, bottom, left, and right positions to complete the seal.

The reanimated corpse is on the bill!

Kyonshi’s talisman (Gofuda) is a removable sticker. Stick them on a frame and play with them. There are three types of aluminum materials: gold, silver, and purple. There are also two different printing methods: one with white printing on the base, and one without.

Endorsement commentary (describes the story and how to play, east, west, north, south and attributes)

A mischievous demon has ripped off Kyonshi’s tag and is on a rampage. The only way to seal it again is to complete the Seven Lucky Gods Mandala. Purify your daughters, place the “gods” in the center and the “east, west, south, north, and south” in the middle to complete the mandala!