「The Dendrogynous Castle of Metamos」 Description

◆A faithful reproduction of the fortress of Necros, authorized by the original author.

This is a remake of the original toy by Hiroshi Adachi, famous for Necros Fortress and Tengai Makyo, which was copyrighted by Zineen.

The rules of the game are the same as those of Necros from the 80’s, so it is possible to combine them and play together. There are also two versions of the box, one with a map and the other with the main character, and a rule book is included.

◆Character cards & item cards are also reproduced.

There are character cards and item cards, and character card materials include glitter prisms and aluminum.

◆The original painting was colored using the same analog materials as at the time.

The fortress of Necros in the 80’s was illustrated and colored with paints by the original author, Adachi himself.

For this Dendro Gigas, I was also shown the actual “illustration board material of Adachi-san”, which I studied and remade in the same way, coloring it with paints.

◆Figure is made of colored resin and rubber material

The colored version is painted with acrylic paints. The uncolored version of the resin figure is also available for purchasers to color by themselves.


The rubber material is only available in skin color, but if you enter your desired color in the remarks column, we could deliver it as a special rubber coloring colored in that color. By the way, the image is a prototype, and some of the modeling has been redone.


There is also a special version called the “Collaboration Version,” which is made of a warm rubber material that changes color when heated. The collaboration version was sculpted digitally by Mokos, using CG modeling and a 3D printer to create the prototype. The photo shows it in the process of changing color after being exposed to hot air.



The cause of all this is Dendrogynous, a giant tree that is sick with disease. In his haste, Metamos drops the Sphere of Chaos and causes it to explode. As his proud nose melted, he heard a voice. I’m not going to die… you can’t.” “Can’t die? Metamos questioned. “Yes… you will be reborn again and again… and again…