[Specter Wrestler] Commentary



Kink erasers are probably the most representative of the Gacha Gacha of the 1980s. Since they established the genre of eraser dolls (you can’t actually erase the characters), which is different from plastic figures, collectors began to specialize in collecting PVC rubber materials.

This [Specter Wrestler] is a work that mixes important keywords of the 80’s such as “professional wrestling, Yokai, W stickers, erasers” and pays homage to various elements, but it was very difficult to develop the rubber material.


The product comes in a “figure and sticker” format, with two types of figures: a soft rubber version and a hard plastic version. The stickers come in two versions: the normal sticker version and the glitter prism sticker version. Let’s take a look at the figures below.

About Double Stickers

The marks are categorized as “East” and “West” because the whole story is about the battle between “Eastern monsters vs. Western monsters”.

kizi-s572 VS kizi-s571

Also, when you peel off the first sticker, the second picture appears, and in normal, the second picture is the card. In the case of Kira Prism, the second card is a sticker, and the first and second cards have different designs, names, and powers. The endorsements include special moves and characteristics of the youkai.


The prism color of the Kira Prism Sticker version is a random color. In addition, the power meter on the Kira Prism is at maximum strength, unlike the second normal meter.

About the figure

There are two versions, one made of soft rubber and the other made of hard plastic. The rubber version is costly due to the fact that we can only make two units per day, so we decided to make a hard resin version (plastic-like material) available. (Size: approx. 4.5 cm)

kizi-s575 kizi-s576

The soft rubber material comes in several different colors. Of course, the figure is sculpted on both sides, so it can be played with. This figure is based on the second design on the sticker.

◆Kin-erase? No, it’s a demon eraser!


The materials for the figure version include hard resin (plastic-like material), rubber material, and phosphorescent material.


The first one is a sticker of the figure of a yokai, and the second one is a W sticker of a yokai card that has become a wrestler. The first card is a sticker with the figure of a yokai, and the second card is a yokai card with the figure of a wrestler. Familiar yokai and monsters such as kappa and zombie become wrestlers and go on a rampage! Add up the power of the first and second cards and the one with the highest total wins!