「The Great Mystery: A Strange Story」 (former animator of “Deer Hatch” + Zineen collaboration)Explanations


Collaborative artist biography: [ZineeMom


Former animator who will turn 70 in 2020. His real name is undisclosed, so I have taken the liberty of giving him a name. When he was a student, he worked as an assistant to Kazumi Makimura (cartoonist). After graduating from high school, he joined an advertising agency. After leaving the company, he became an animator. After working on “The First Period: Hutch the Deer,” “The First Period: Moomin,” and “Ashita no Joe,” he left the animation company. After that, he worked on several original anime works before retiring.

What is “The First Deer Hatch”?

An anime called “Kugen Monogatari Minamigo Hatch” aired from April 7, 1970 to December 28, 1971. It was explosively popular at the time, but in fact, there are several stories where ZineeMom erased the storyboards and rewrote the story herself.

In addition, as a back story, there were two types of character designs for the “Deer Hatch” characters, the “Tatsunoko Production” version and the “Tama Production” version, and the “Tama Production” version was adopted. (ZineeMom’s opinion was also taken into consideration in the selection process.) Since only people who knew the scene at the time could know this kind of backstory information, it is a rare story that is only available on this page.

What is “The First Generation of Moomin (Tokyo Movie, Fuji TV)”?

The first season of “Moomin” was broadcasted on Fuji Television in 1969. According to ZineeMom, who was there at the time, the Finnish author Tove Jansson complained that the original Moomins were fairies and monsters, so she wanted a more creepy atmosphere! So we had to redesign the characters.

(Image taken from the original version of Moomin) For this reason, the first season of the anime was cancelled, and the second season was revived by Mushi Productions as Moomin with new character designs. The first season of Moomin was put on hold.

Hideaki Anno, director of Evangelion, is looking for the first generation of Moomins.

As written in “Director’s Report (Shodensha)”, the “Moomin” that Hideaki Anno, the well-known director of “Evangelion”, is looking for is this “First Period Moomin”. The person who drew the first Moomin animation at the time was ZineeMom!

◆Writing while unable to bend my fingers due to illness!

This time, he wrote the original story and drew the pictures for “Maha-Fushigi-Kiwai Monogatari” while he was unable to hold a pen properly due to an aggravation of tendinitis that prevented him from bending his fingers.


Although I am over 70 years old, I decided to publish this book because I believe that the power of drawing 100 original stories and pictures in a short period of time will give hope to future generations. Due to page limitations, the original story, which is normally one long story, is presented as a summary.

This is the latest work by the founder of the animation industry in the late 1960s and 1970s.


Episode 1: Brushes A pig-hair brush given to me by my aunt, a hairdresser. It’s supposed to be on the three-way mirror, but before you know it, it’s on the dresser! If you take your eyes off it, the brush will…

Episode 2:A prosperous Japanese sweets shop couple asks a carpenter to rebuild their shop. They ask the carpenter to let the white snake go as it is their guardian deity, but the carpenter brings it back. Then…

Episode 3:A cenotaph was found in the garden of an elderly couple who worshipped Inari, but the old lady threw it away. The old woman died of a broken heart and a broken heart…

All 100 stories are summarized and illustrated in this book!