「Gacha-please for Troublesome Times」 Explanation


◆Omikuji Stickers


This is a tribute to the “Gum Danomi” of the 80’s. The original “Yokai Wrestler (Gofuda version)” was tested and was so popular that we decided to make a Gofuda version of the stickers.

Since it is half the size of a square sticker, it is easy to file and inexpensive to make, so it can be easily produced for the 100 yen Gacha Gacha. The original title was “Kami no Mizo Seal & Laughing Card ni Fukutaru”.

The name is a pun that always includes the words “good luck, bad luck, bad luck, and great luck. My problem is that I can’t seem to come up with a good pun.

【Gacha-please for Troublesome Times】story

Let’s collect “Omikuji Stickers” that you can stick and play with! What’s your fortune today?