[Otogeek] Commentary


Fairytale + Geek

The meaning of the title “Otogeek” is “fairy tale + geek (English slang for a person with deep knowledge. In Japan, it is sometimes translated as “otaku. I named it after this part.

I designed this as a self-made sticker in the style of the 80’s, so the design is also based on that, but it is an original character and story. The story is mainly about the battle between the moon and the sun, and there are homages to the 80s everywhere.

The longest series in the sticker industry! 60 in all

The original exhibition was held at the Louvre Museum in France and sold out. In the U.S. and Hong Kong, it was sold at events as a blind-style draw. In Japan, it is a full-length series that continues to be sold by mail order on a regular basis. There are 60 in all. The stickers are made up of “two sets + head”. The moon and sun are normal stickers. The head is a sparkle sticker.

The underlying theme of the work is a message about what is happening in the real world based on non-fiction and documentary materials, hidden in the text on the back page. By connecting the sentences, you can decipher the story.

[Otogeek] Story