「Vegetable Warrior: The Battle of the Green Pepper」 Description

◆Vegetable + 80’s mix type double sticker


Vegetable Warrior Bell Pepper’s Battle is a double seal that feels like a mix of (He-Man’s Battle & Tomato Princess of Salad Land). Some of the characters are based on the motifs of Kato-chan Ken-chan’s Watermelon Man and Rai Rai Kyonsei’s Watermelon Head.

The characters are a mixture of what was popular in the 80’s, but since many people may not know the original story, I’ll explain a little. (laughs)


The HE-MAN fight “MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE” was a product that triggered the fantasy action figure boom released by Mattel in the US in the 80s.

The figure was the main product, and from there it was derived into anime, manga, and even a live-action movie. It was also released in Japan, and its title was “He-Man’s Battle”. (The pun is “peppers.”)

The original idea was to equip the figures with weapons and armor, so I decided to arm the vegetable peppers with double stickers. (If you flip over the first one, the second one hides his true identity.) That’s why it’s called “Vegetable Warrior Bell Pepper.

◆What is “The Tomato Princess of Saladland”?

Tomato Princess in Salad Land” is an adventure game for the Family Computer released in 1988. It was originally released for the 8-bit PC in 1984. In North America, it was released as “princess tomato in the salad kingdom”.

The illustrations and music are pop, but the story is full of real world irony. It’s really interesting because it’s just like 24 -TWENTY FOUR-, with vagrants begging for cigarettes, criminals being arrested for rebelling against the king, and people being thrown in jail and tortured with water.

The character on the package is based on a vegetable. This time, the design is pop, but the content is about rebelling against a dictatorial monarch.

The motif of “Princess Tomato” is based on “Princess Tangerine,” but it’s not just about fruits and vegetables. If you’ve actually played the game and seen it, you might understand. Princess Tomato is changed into the form of an old woman when she is first rescued. In an adaptation of that scene, Princess Tangerine is cursed to become a zombie.

The name of the first zombie is “rotten tangerine,” but it’s “tangerine” because it’s taken from a famous line in the TV series “3 Years B Class Kinpachi Sensei. I don’t have to explain it to you, but if you get it, you must be quite a fanatic. (laughs).

By the way, the second one is a cute character, so don’t worry. The second one is a cute character, don’t worry. (Sweat)

◆What is a “watermelon man”?

If the name rings a bell, you must be of my generation. Let’s start with the watermelon man. This is a yokai that appears in “Kat-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV. Shimura Ken ate a watermelon so fast that he turned into a monster. If infected, other people will also become watermelon people.

They spit out seeds from their mouths, but they have a weakness for fried eggs and shrimp tempura because they don’t mix well with watermelon. What’s great about Watermelon Man is that it’s a comedy show, but it suddenly throws in a horror element.

At the time, Ken Shimura wrote the show’s comedy and composed it himself. <What’s amazing is that he spends half of the week writing the comedy and the rest of the week filming. What’s amazing is that he writes half of his comedy every week and shoots the rest every week. He’s also the only celebrity I’ve ever gotten an autograph from. (laughs)

◆What is a “watermelon head”?

He is a character in the 1986 Taiwanese film “Kyungsees,” in which he wraps a bomb around his body and blows himself up in order to protect Tenten and his friends from Kyungsees. His famous line is “Watermelon head! is his famous line. (It’s similar to “You mean Krillin? ) Incidentally, Tenten’s own brother is also a watermelon head.

At the time, Kyonshi was so popular that it was made into stickers and erasers. (The image shows stickers and erasers from the 80s. (The image shows stickers and erasers from the 80’s. Of course, the watermelon head was also made into stickers.

I thought I’d lost so much weight I’d be a different person! (Taken from “That Famous Person is Now”) Well, I just wanted to do this story. (laughs) The first one is a “watermelon man” and the second one is a “watermelon head”, so please pick up the stickers and check them out!

◆What are “space vegetables”?

Finally, the true identity of the “Great Eggplant” that appears on this sticker is an alien vegetable, based on the motif of “space vegetables. This is actually an event that has been experimentally developed and marketed in China.

China’s National Electronics Research Institute has announced that vegetables cultivated in space have been found to grow five to seven times faster. The giant vegetables and fruits, commonly known as “mega-veggies,” can grow into pumpkins and other plants weighing 100 kilograms.

China has been working on the development of such space vegetables since the 1980s, and has been genetically manipulating plants. This is the subject of this sticker, “The Battle of the Vegetable Warrior Peppers. It’s quite a long story, but the underlying theme is deep.

【Vegetable Warrior: The Battle of the Green Pepper】story

The Great Nasubi has been turned into a tyrant by a space vegetable virus. Princess Tangerine is turned into a zombie by the curse. In order to rescue the princess, the vegetable warrior Pepper armed himself and set out on a journey.