「UMA Unidentified Party (Unidentified Species)」Explanation

Cutting-edge stickers created with pseudo-AI (pseudo-artificial intelligence)

Stickers with the theme of UMA (Uma) unidentified creatures (unidentified animals) such as Mothman, Chupacabra, and Aardvark. A UMA is an unknown animal or creature that has not been confirmed biologically, although it has been passed down through eyewitness accounts, folklore, and gossip. This name was coined by the Japanese.

Incidentally, they are also the most advanced stickers drawn by pseudo AI (pseudo artificial intelligence). The computer analyzes and categorizes data from thousands of sticker characters that have been drawn in analog.

【UMA Unidentified Party (Unidentified Species)】story

The Youma are all here. Can you figure them all out? (Quoted from the back of the package.)