「Reiwa Sticker」 Description


◆Japan’s year number changed from Heisei

This sticker was created for the 2019 change of the Japanese year from Heisei to 2039. At the same time, I was asked to participate in a sticker event called “Sanchi Matsuri”, and Zineen’s stickers were going to be displayed in the showroom.

While visiting the event, I decided to make a lot of these “Reiwa seals” as business card seals and bring them with me.

◆200 of them will be gone in the blink of an eye!

We made about 200 of them, but they were gone in the blink of an eye because they were designed for business card exchanges. (laughs) After that, we sold them by mail order, but they were still very popular and sold out quickly. We printed more and resold them over and over again, and now things have finally settled down.

Even though it is distributed as a free exchange, it also sells in large quantities through mail order for a fee. What is the secret of its popularity? There was a well-calculated reason…

◆Analyzed and calculated from historical data


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is thought to be able to predict the future, but in reality, it is only making predictions by analyzing big data from the past. In other words, we can’t build the future from the present, but we can create the future from the past.

This concept has been applied to stickers. In other words, based on the data of stickers sold in the past five years, the “Reiwa Stickers” were created by incorporating the elements that made them popular. There is a calculated logic behind drawing various designs and releasing a large number of series. It’s because we need data.

Stickers are like stocks or currency. You can think of them as analog copies of cryptocurrencies. As a collector, it would be a desirable phenomenon to buy them at a rock-bottom price and see their added value rise and fall with age and historical background. In the first place, “money” is nothing more than a commodity voucher. There is no value in “money” itself. The market is only established by the credit economy between people.

This is why it is no good to continue to produce products with this pattern, touch, and material. This is because inflation and deflation will occur.

I could explain why Reiwa stickers sell so well, but that would be a trade secret. (laughs) What I can tell you is that the seals were created based on data. (laughs) What I can say is that the Zineen brand products are educational toys because you can learn these things from the stickers. And that’s the meaning of selling “concepts”.