Explanation of “gattai dokkin”.(Combinations & surprises)


Combined stickers and monster illustrations (homage to Gackin’ Donkey)

In 1988, a very minor sticker called “Gakkin Dokkin” was released, which consisted of three pictures that could be combined to make a monster, and when the first character’s sticker was removed, the “head,” “body,” and “tail” would appear.

CM ガッキンドッキン 1988

The video is a commercial from the 1980s, and this time I tried to recreate it with original stickers.

No black border lines on the picture

What was difficult this time was the character of the picture. If you look at the stickers from those days, you will see that there are no black lines on the illustrations. In other words, the illustrations were drawn using only colors. In order to recreate this, I decided to use a paint-by-numbers method.

The story is an evolutionary showdown between Holy Evolution and Evil Evolution. The story is about a battle between Holy Evolution and Evil Evolution, in which new creatures can be created by combining the two, and the total power of the two is determined.

Peel off the first one to reveal the second picture.

The first sheet can be peeled off by using a double seal process. Since this is costly, we aim to sell them at a low price point by making the first sheet a seal and the second a card.

Since we lowered the unit price per card, it became possible to make them double-seal (double-layered stickers) with no peeling. Of course, there is an endorsement. And we added a secret Kira Prism.

Rectangle size

I made it a rectangular size of 32 x 48 mm. This is convenient for filing because it fits in 4.8 x 4.8 mm. Also, you can make the same number of uncut sheets as square stickers, so there is no waste when printing.

List of super-evolutionary combined gattai dokkin





































※Only the second of the six is a Kira Prism. The first issue has 36 cards.