[Nyanco(cat) in Third Street] Commentary

◆Puzzle stickers with a cat motif.

It is a tribute to the Japanese cat boom of the 80’s (Name-Neko, Uchinotama Shirimasenka, Onyanko Club, etc.). By combining 12 different stickers, you can complete the “Map of Sanchome”.

Each character has a normal sticker and a glitter prism, and the glitter prism comes in different colors. It is also unique in that all the characters are unified with cat jokes.

◆The initial version appeared as a “pull”.

A rare and precious item nowadays? This is a “pull-out” version that has become a precious rarity.

In 2014, it was possible to use inexpensive inks and other ingenious methods, but now the printer at the time has broken down and cannot be used, so this “pull-out” version has been discontinued.

As is the case with any printing, Taihan’s printing is done using a discontinued printer. The reason for this is that they use more ink than today’s printers and can be modified.

Also, the wholesalers that we used to purchase materials from have gone out of business, and the unit price of production has gone up, so we can no longer offer the products as pull-outs.

◆The second version is only available in prismatic and normal patterns.

In the first series, there were five different prisms made of different materials, and I thought it would be difficult to collect them all, so I decided to use only “patterned prisms” for the second series. (Prisms with patterns printed on them are called “pattern prisms.”)

The basic idea of the game is the same: combine them to complete a map. The number of puns with cat motifs is almost at the limit, so I’m probably going to finish with two games. (laughs)

◆USA VERSION【Cats of Third Street】

This is the version that was sold at an exhibition overseas (in the US). The main difference is that the name is in English and the coloring is different.

It also comes with stickers, cards, and figures. It was also sold in Japan in small quantities by mail order.

◆Rare versions exist!

The top one is “rare” and the bottom one is “normal”. The prism with the yellow band is rare because it is a prototype.

The white version of the “House cat” face is also rare because it was a prototype and only a few were printed.

The current mail order version is a reprint of the sticker, so only the regular version is made. If you have a copy of this rare version, you are in for a treat.

The left is the normal version, and the right is the rare version. As well as the difference in molding itself, the one on the right was made from wax, which melted and disappeared as a result of the molding experiment.

In other words, since the prototype does not exist, there are only a limited number of copies available in this world, so it can be considered rare. Incidentally, the old version of the figure itself has been discontinued, so the regular version on the left is also highly valuable today.

◆Newly sculpted Nyan Cat figure (rubber & color)

Since the back of the figure in the overseas version was not sculpted, I sculpted the back of the figure in a new way. Since four years have passed and mass production with rubber material has been successful, the new sculpt of Nyanco also appeared as rubber.

This is the colored resin version. It takes a long time to apply the colors with a fine brush. Compared to stickers, figures are difficult to resell.

「Nyanco(cat) in Third Street」story

The cats are living peacefully in Nekonogai street. One day, however, a ferocious cat named “Nekojarashi” arrives from a neighboring town to expand their “territory”. Will “Nora Nyanco” be able to keep the peace in street?