「Basket Monster (BAKEMON)」 Description


◆A game where you become the godfather of a nameless monster.


Square stickers with Western-style illustrations. Originally developed because card deaths were rectangular and costly, and because the old, inexpensive printing method was no longer available.

The game is played by giving names to the nameless monsters. (There is a section on the back where you can write your name.) The game system was inspired by foreign board games.

◆The only identification is the picture and number.


The list is made based on the number. The number is written in the upper left corner of the sticker. The materials used are surprisingly luxurious, such as special pre-cut and special aluminum. (Special means special. This is a printing method that costs more than usual because the colors are made and printed by myself.

◆How to play

Two or three people write the name of their choice on the carbohydrate character. After each character’s name is announced, mix the designs face up and decide the order in which they will be turned over. If the answer is correct, the player gets the character. The person with the most correct answers wins.


The shopping mall is full of monsters! Hold a basket and catch BAKEMON!