[Akko-chan in the Mirror] Commentary


◆Magical Girl Stickers for Girls

Because of the mirror theme, the illustrations are based on the rule that the poses of all the characters are the same and only the parts change.

◆How to play the first game


For example, “AKKO” and “AKUKON” both have their hands outstretched in a par pose, and their poses are identical. There are two versions, KIRAPRISM and NORMAL, and the numbering is expressed in Japanese syllabaries rather than numbers. The second version can be armed with transparent stickers.


The characters on the demon’s side are reversed because the gimmick is to make the characters readable by matching the “mirror stickers” to express that you have entered a mirror world.


Part 1: “Akko-chan in the Mirror” Story

The mirror absorbs your evil intentions and reflects the image of the inverted demon. Can the chosen “Mirror Girls” use their magic mirrors to enter the mirror world and defeat the Mirror Goblins?

Part 2: “Akko-chan in the Mirror” Story

An armed girl is born after defeating a reversible demon! You’ll have to be careful not to fall into the wrong trap! Use the mirror to separate Akko and invoke the Goddess of Mirrors! Use transparent stickers to arm yourself!

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