Explanation of the Horrorlympics (Yokai Olympics)

Why we can’t use the title Olympics!

In the 80’s, there was an omake sticker called “Horrorlympic”, which was a kind of “furikake”.

It’s a very confusing name. In order to create this homage, I did a lot of research, and I will explain it here.

First of all, I found out that the word “Olympics” cannot be used in the title. Since it is a global trademark, the fee for using it is high, and if you use it casually, you will get into trouble. (Sweat)

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It seems that as long as it’s a subtitle, it’s okay, and if it’s “Kinnikuman’s Superhero Olympics” or “Kitaro’s Monster Olympics,” it’s okay because it’s not a title.

The reason why “Horrorlympics” is not “Horror Olympics” was revealed here.

On the other hand, the name “Horrorlympics” was not registered as a trademark, so there was no problem. I decided to add the subtitle “Yokai Olympics” to it to avoid the title issue.

Gold, silver, and bronze medals are represented by stickers.


Horrorlympics of the 80’s had gorgeous materials: holograms, prisms, and gold, silver, and copper aluminum seals, except for the normal ones.

The material that is hard to find nowadays is probably the [copper material]. You can’t find the same material, so you have to find a substitute.

The substitute is [metal material], and in this case, I decided to use the copper metal material since it exists. As a result, I decided to use gold metal, silver metal, and copper metal.

As a side note, this color variation represents the “Olympic medal”.

  • Gold medal = gold material seal
  • Silver medal = Silver material seal
  • Bronze medal = Copper seal

Some of the minor stickers, which may seem random at first glance, have a deeper meaning and are more thoughtful when studied. Another point that should not be forgotten is that the characters are puns for the Olympic games.

Handmade holograms!

自作 ホログラム シール

The market price of holographic stickers is different among printing companies, and about five years ago, it cost about 800,000 yen. Nowadays, they can be produced for about 200,000-300,000 yen. (The price range changes every year.)

There is a printing technology called “foil hologram” that was developed as a substitute for holograms. This is the printing technique that most printing companies offer as inexpensive holograms.

Holograms are made by stamping foil onto a hologram material, but of course, stamping is expensive and the success rate is low. This is why it is so expensive, even at printing houses.

This time, I decided to try my hand at the forbidden experiment of making foil holograms by hand. As you can see in the image above, I made a lot of mistakes. And…

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Successful handmade foil hologram creation!

Holograms are easily scratched, so it’s best to hold them by the surface as shown on the right, not by the corners as shown on the left. Also, there is a thin film on the surface, but don’t remove it!


Coronary syphilis (foil hologram)

Coronary syndromes (foil stamped transparent stickers)

Dark immersion (silver prism)

Comet Valley (gold metallic)

Hand eye kondor (silver metallic)

Golgo 13 (copper metallic)

Octopus Imming (normal)


The Olympic Games scheduled to be held in the human world in 2020 are postponed. Will the postponed Olympics be held in 2021, or will the President of the Supreme Judge try to hold the second Horrorlympics in the meantime, but he is attacked by a coronavirus!