Part 1: Otogeek Story


In the year xxxx of the Stardate, the first galaxy had established a planetary federation centered on the sun.

The sun is treated as the center of the federation because it is a star with enormous energy resources.


However, there is a new planet that is planning to take advantage of this enormous energy resource.

That planet is the moon.

The Moon had once been a huge civilized empire, but its resources had been depleted and it was in a state of decline.

Kaguya, the ruler of the Moon, formed the Lunar Army with the intention of seizing the Sun’s ball, the source of energy, and taking over the lifelines of the other planets.


The moon is a planet that excels at amplifying the desires of the heart, and Kaguya feeds on those desires to maintain her life.

First of all, to strengthen the moon army, he sent three assassins to Earth, a planet where desires are easily amplified.

Moon Momoa
Moon Kinta
Moon Urashima


They set out to invade the Earth with their men, the Moon Army.

Meanwhile, Apollo, the Sun Emperor, hears rumors of Kaguya’s invasion and sends the Sun Squadron and the Three (Sun) Musketeers to Earth with the Sun Army to stop the plan.

Sun Eagle
Sun Panther


Using their respective strengths in air, land, and sea, the Solar Forces must thwart the ambitions of the Lunar Forces!