Part 6: Otogeek Story

オトギーク ストーリー

Moonmota loots the “Ball of Heaven” attached to Amaterasu, which manipulates the weather, but is turned back by Lamputer’s counterattack. The Peachbot’s explosion causes her to fall into the volcano’s mouth along with the “Heavenly Ball”.

Moon Empress Kaguya carries out her plan to weaken the power of the Sunbots, but is troubled by the fact that she was unable to obtain the Heavenly Beads. However, she was troubled by the fact that she could not obtain the “Heavenly Jade”, because there was a possibility that the Sun forces would obtain the “Heavenly Jade” and set Amaterasu up again, which would interfere with her plan.

So Kaguya, the Moon Empress, heads for Earth herself with her men in the giant spaceship Taketori to pick up the Heavenly Jade from the mouth of the volcano.


In the meantime, the Sun Emperor Apollo, who has received information about the looting of the “water balls” from the collapse of the Dragon Palace, the looting of the “wood balls” from the deforestation, Amaterasu’s outburst, and the giant spaceship Taketori heading for Earth, once again gives the command to the SUN Musketeers (Sun Eagle, Sun Panther, and Sun Shark) to go to Earth and stop their ambitions.

Sunshark boards the fighter Sharkbot and goes to sea to head for the Dragon Palace.


Sun Panther went into the forest to board the fighter Pantherbot and head for the forest.


Sun Eagle boarded the fighter jet Eaglebot and headed for the volcano mouth.


However, as Sun Eagle moves deeper into the volcano mouth, the subterranean races (Bermuda, Agartha, and Shambala) block his way. Are they enemies? Are they on our side?

Sun Eagle is puzzled by the mysterious presence, but suddenly the three subterranean beings line up in a triangle and call up an ant hell, dragging Sun Eagle into the depths of the earth.


Are the three subterranean beings the enemy?
And what happened to the “Heavenly Jade”?
Is Moonmota dead?