Part 4: Otogeek Story

オトギーク ストーリー

Tatsunoko Prince” came to the forest to train with his father, “Sea Serpent King Hakuja”. The forest here is ruled by the [Rock King Mountain] and the [Forest Queen Forest].

Their son, Prince Wood, wants to show off to his childhood friend, Prince Tatsunoko, and secretly takes the “Wood Ball” that maintains the harmony of the forest.


At the same time, the Moon Empress Kaguya orders [Moon Kinta] to cut down the forest. He transforms into a ferocious bear and chops down trees one after another with a large axe. As the forest is destroyed in this way, the balance of nature is upset.

<When Kinta’s axe bites into the forest, whose power is reduced by half due to the lack of the ball of wood, Prince Wood realizes the gravity of the situation and returns to his mother. Unfortunately, Kinta finds him and kidnaps him along with the wooden ball.


The harmony of nature has been disturbed by the destruction of the forest, and [Moon Kinta] appears before [Hakuja] and the others who feel something is wrong. As a hostage exchange, Kinta offers to trade Prince Wood for the Sea Ball.

Even though he was the prince of another territory, he couldn’t just leave him there to die. In addition, he is a childhood friend of the [Tatsunoko Prince] and has built a friendly relationship with the [Mountain] on land and sea.

However, in order to maintain the balance of the ocean, the “water ball” held by the Queen of the Dragon Palace [Marine] and the “sea ball” held by the King of the Dragon Palace [Hakuja] are essential. She is worried that she can’t risk the marine life in exchange for the balls.

At that time, Hakuja’s daughter, Otohime, came to give the news under her breath. The moment Hakuja heard these words, she became furious and swallowed the “sea ball”.


Then, [Hakuja]’s body quickly grew and transformed into a giant snake. As expected, [Kinta] was unable to do anything about it and ran away, leaving [Prince Wood] behind.

The Moon Legion gathered information in advance and attacked when the ruler’s power was dispersed. Is Kaguya’s goal to collect the balls? As the land and sea continue to collapse, the next target will be…