Part 3: Otogeek Story

オトギーク ストーリー

A castle that exists in the depths of the ocean. That is the Dragon Palace.


Just as the energy of the sun is protected by Apollo’s “Sun Ball,” the water sources of the earth, such as the oceans and rivers in the natural world, are kept in harmony by the “Water Ball” of Queen Marin of the Dragon Palace and the “Sea Ball” of King Hakuja of the Sea Serpent.


Marin and Hakuja had two children, the “Sound Princess” and the “Tatsunoko Prince. And it was while Hakuja was on a training trip with the prince that this commotion occurred.

In the Dragon Palace, where discipline is highly valued, there is a fundamental belief that living is a form of training. Many marine creatures (fish and mollusks) live and train at the Palace of the Dragon because they have the ability to become anthropomorphic through their training.

The role of the “blind monk” is to guide these ascetics.
By shining his multiple eyes, he has the ability to bring light into the darkness of the deep sea, and the castle is always bright.


And the monk’s number one disciple, [Dea Hoichi].

He was born blind, but because of this, his hearing has been sharpened and he is sensitive to even the slightest sound. Even though he was blind, he was able to move quickly and master various fighting techniques, so he was considered to be the guard of the “Water Ball”.

However, the problem that bothered the blind monk was Dare Hoichi’s daredevil nature. His ability to concentrate is a good thing, but when he becomes absorbed in one thing, he loses awareness of his surroundings.

Ever since he took on the task of guarding the Water Bead, it seems that Dare Hoichi’s desire to protect the Lake Dragon Queen Marine has somehow turned into a love affair.


If my wish were to come true, I would like to see the face of Lady Marine at first sight…” Hoichi’s thoughts grew more and more each day.

In fact, the soul of Marine, Queen of the Lake Dragon, is sealed in the “water ball. This has been the rule of the Queen of the Dragon Palace for generations, and by sealing her consciousness in the ball, she can gain the ability to control the power of the giant water current.

It is only through the love of self-sacrifice that she is able to lead the dragon palace at the bottom of the sea to peace through the power of maintaining the harmony of water.

For this reason, the words of the [Lake Dragon Queen Marine] are projected by holographic visions generated from “water balls. However, since Dare Hoichi is blind and cannot see her, his feelings only grow stronger.

A suspicious shadow is creeping into the Dragon Palace, plotting to take advantage of this feeling. Yes! It’s the messenger of the Moon Legion [Moon Urashima], who wants to take advantage of her desires and control her body and soul!

In fact, there were many spies of the Moon Legion in the Dragon Palace. In fact, there were many spies of the Moon Legion in the Dragon Palace, because there were many retainers who were dissatisfied with the difference between the marine creatures who could be anthropomorphized through training and those who could not be anthropomorphized and remained in the form of fishes and mollusks.

By stimulating their desires, the Moon Urashima easily succeeded in entering the Dragon Palace.

The first thing Moonwurashima did was to approach the back of the blind monk and put his shell on the monk.

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The brainwashed [Blind Monk] advises [Dare Hoichi] on how to confess his love.

In order to gain something, you need to lose something. If you want to gain an eye, you must lose an ear. If you want to be with Master Marin, seal yourself in a ball of water. Then play the song of eye with this shamisen and let everyone bless you!

Love is blind. Dare Hoichi follows the advice of the blind monk, and is transformed into Devil Hoichi.

Ironically, the “water ball” power of the [Lake Dragon Queen Marine] is a mechanism that allows the power to be displayed by sealing the soul in the ball, but on the other hand, if the ball is sealed in the body, the power of water cannot be used.


The shamisen song played by [Devil Hoichi] has the effect of amplifying desire, and the practicing monks of the marine creatures that could not be anthropomorphized, who were growing dissatisfied in the Dragon Palace, began to revolt.

It was a civil war.

A conflict between people of the same species.
A war between those who have trained with the same ambition.

Even here at the bottom of the sea, it has evolved into a “moon vs. sun” situation.

The one who was watching the ugly battle from the shadows was the [Otohimade].
Normally, she is a robot who cleans the Ryugu Palace as a maid, but in her true form, she is the Princess Otohime.

Being a princess means that there will come a day when she will inherit the throne of the queen, just like Marine, and sacrifice herself to seal her soul into the “water ball. In order to do so, she has been deceiving her retainers by transforming into a maid robot as part of her training.

As a result of her efforts, she was not targeted by Moon Urashima’s schemes, and she quietly escaped from the Dragon Palace and headed for her father, the Sea Serpent King Hakuja.

After confirming that the Dragon Palace was collapsing due to the outbreak of civil war, [Moon Urashima] approached from behind again and sliced off [Devil Hoichi]’s head! I’m not sure what to do.

This way, I can present it to Kaguya-sama with the water ball power still sealed.

It seems that the Moon Empress Kaguya is planning to use the three Moons (Urashima, Kinta, and Momota) to start gathering up the balls that are scattered all over the country. What is his true intention? However, all that was left of the former site of the Dragon Palace was the two words “collapse” brought about by the war.