Part 7: Otogeek Story

オトギーク ストーリー

The site of the Dragon Palace. Due to the machinations of Moon Urashima, there is no one left to rule, and the Dragon Palace has become a lawless zone.

In the midst of all this, there is a man who has always been dissatisfied with his position.
In the midst of this, there is a person who has been dissatisfied with his position for a long time, but spends his days making excuses in his mind, saying, “I can’t help it.

His name is [Hirame Employee].
In terms of ideology, he was on the side of the sun.

But for a long time, he has been thinking that “being a salaryman is like being in a war without weapons.

But he has always believed that “being an office worker is like a war without weapons.

As a result of his ascetic training, he became more anthropomorphic.
This is the system of the Dragon Palace, where the appearance evolves from fish-like to humanoid.

It was only a matter of time before the King of the Sea Serpents, Hakuja, went away.
In the meantime, due to the carelessness of the highest monk, [Blind Monk], [Dare Hoichi] became a devil and went out of control.

In the meantime, the highest monk, the Blind Monk, was caught off guard, and Dare Hoichi became a devil and went berserk. The Queen of Lake Dragons, Marin, made the mistake of having her “water ball” stolen by Moon Urashima.

After learning that this plan was all the brainchild of [Moon Empress Kaguya], the thoughts of [Hirame Employees] wavered from the sun to the moon side.

The Ryugu Castle was almost in ruins, but Hirame took advantage of the opportunity to search for the “treasures of Ryugu” that had been rumored for some time.

I’m sure there’s a lot of money to be made if you’re going to spend your life protecting the safety of the seabed, while ruling such a large group of people, accepting and training large numbers of fish and molluscs, and even after they’ve been anthropomorphized, without getting anything in return.

I’m sure there must be a source of money to spend one’s life protecting the seabed security without any reward after anthropomorphization. The [Hirame employees], who were convinced that there was no way they could manage such a large organization with only the power of the [sea ball] and the [water ball], finally succeeded in finding the [dragon palace treasure].


In fact, this treasure is a sign of a contract that was traded to maintain the ecological food chain between the surface and the ocean floor. The people on the surface were supporting the lives of the anthropomorphs with the treasure sent from the surface in exchange for food from the sea…

Without knowing the reason for this, the desire to say, “After all, the power was in the slush fund! This is the moment when [Hirame’s employee] was filled with desire!

He has evolved into the [President Hirame]!


Meanwhile, [Kaguya, the Moon Empress], who landed on Earth aboard a large spaceship [Taketori].
When she learned that the rival [Sunshark] had entered the ocean

Moon Urashima] with the moon power of desire, and
The [Turtlebot], a fighter plane, was once again on its way to the Dragon Palace.


When [Moon Urashima] arrives at the Dragon Palace earlier than expected, she tells the people of the Dragon Palace that if they pay tribute to [Moon Empress Kaguya], she will amplify their desire power.

When [President Hirame] finds out about this, he says, “Now that I’m the president! I’m not just an ordinary employee! With this in mind, he set out to reform the Ryugu Palace.

First, he purchased a large quantity of “cursed cards” from Moon Urashima.

First, he purchased a large quantity of “Cursed Cards” from [Moon Urashima], and pasted a large quantity of them on the [Blind Monk], who had lost his life force due to being brainwashed by the cards and shells, which caused the collapse of the Dragon Palace.


Through the power of the curse, the “blind monk” is controlled at will by the “President Hirame,” but at the same time, it rapidly accelerates the collapse of his body and spirit, and he becomes a zombie again as the “blind monk” and runs wild.


“To suppress the power, we need new power!
In exchange for the treasure, [President Hirame] receives a large amount of weapons from [Moon Urashima] and the right to modify his body using science and technology.

As a result, Ryugyoku was merged and acquired as a joint stock company and managed by [President Hirame]. The partner becomes “Moon”.


[Tobi War] is given a fighter plane and turns into [Tobi Walking]!
[Squid Smell] evolves into [Xaaken] with moon power.
[Guntai] will be mechanized by body modification and equipped with [Torpedoes]!

With training, there is no need for anthropomorphism! We don’t need to anthropomorphize through training, we can just evolve through treasure and lust!

Under the idea of “No need to anthropomorphize through training!
However, there were many fishes and mollusks that opposed his idea.

However, there were many fishes and mollusks that disagreed with the idea. The factional strife intensified, and the same species once again plunged into a civil war.

This series of events brought a strong stimulus to [Takohachi Ronin], who was the most stupid and ridiculed person in the Dragon Palace.

He was a mollusk who was so inept that he had to refer to a Japanese dictionary to do arithmetic calculations, but the knowledge he had accumulated during his eight years as a ronin was stimulated by this war, and his comprehension increased as the neurons in his brain were instantly connected!


Realizing that his intelligence quotient has improved, [Takohachi Ronin] becomes anthropomorphic and becomes [Test Pass].

Yes! The eight years of his life as a ronin became his training, and the fruits of that training led him to become anthropomorphic!

Test-Pass goes around preaching to the people of Ryugu about the ugliness of conflict and how there are those who profit from the wars that are waged.

The weapons of warfare are not always material. Wisdom and knowledge are also useful, and passing on life’s experiences to the world is one of the ways to maintain the harmony of the whole through self-sacrifice.

The moon is to the sun. The sun became the moon.
Ideas are reversed and appearances are changed.

It will be a while before we know the secret of the “essence” that is not good and evil…