Part 5: Otogeek, the Story

オトギーク ストーリー

An active volcano surrounded by forests. Amaterasu, the goddess of the weather, was worshipped far above it. Dispatched from the sun to raise the earth’s food self-sufficiency by providing crops, Sanhimiko revered Amaterasu as the god of weather, and passed on weather forecasts to the people.

By predicting the weather, Sanhimiko was tasked by Apollo to preach that food grows and living things can survive within the cycle of rain, sunshine, cloudiness, and snow, because harmony is maintained throughout.

However, that cycle was about to be broken. On the orders of the Moon Empress Kaguya, Moon Momoa quietly sneaks up on Himiko to steal her “fireball”.

In fact, Amaterasu is not a creature called a god, but a slot machine that manipulates the weather, set up to prevent catastrophes such as heavy rains and continuous sunshine. By spinning the “heavenly ball” installed in the center of Amaterasu, the weather of the day is determined.


The “fireball” predicts the probability of rain, sunshine, cloudiness, and snow based on past data. The numbers are projected on the ball, and Himiko conveys them to the people as a forecaster to encourage their faith and prevent them from being corrupted.

Since Amaterasu floats in the sky, it is essential to have someone who can fly in order to turn the “ball of the sky,” and the Sky Emperor Lamputer plays this role. The sky for the sky. Just as a forest has a chief to maintain balance in the forest, Himiko decided to use her faith and the weather to become the chief of the earth.

As usual, when Himiko tried to forecast the weather with her “fireball”, a snake-shaped whip attacked her from behind. The snake is actually a hair of Kaguya’s head. When their eyes meet, they are tied up, and when they are bitten, the poison turns them into frogs.


While Himiko was turning into a frog, Moonmota took the “fireball” and hurriedly boarded the peach-shaped spaceship “Peachbot” and headed for Amaterasu in the sky.


The “Ball of Heaven” is installed in the center of Amaterasu. By exchanging it for a “ball of fire,” Amaterasu goes out of control, the weather is disrupted, and a catastrophe occurs. Kaguya’s goal was to reduce the power of the Sunbots by half due to the worsening weather.


However, Momota didn’t know that when the “Heavenly Jade” was removed, the security system was activated and a signal was sent to the brain waves of the Sky Emperor Lamputer.

Sensing the abnormality, LAMPUTER hurriedly went to Amaterasu, but it was already too late. The ball had been switched, and Momota was trying to escape with the Peachbot. Enraged, Lone Pewter transforms into a giant bird and chases after Momota.


Momota attacks by firing a series of bombs called “Kibidango” from the cannon on his Peachbot, but Lamputer is stronger than that. He fanned the wind with both wings, causing the bombs to fly away.


The bouncing protozoa hit the Peachbot, causing a huge explosion, and Moonmota fell into the mountain crater with the “heavenly ball”.