Part 9: Otogeek Story


In order to obtain the “Heavenly Jade” dropped by Moonmota, Sun Eagle entered the volcano, but three subterranean races (Agartha, Bermuda, and Shambala) were waiting for him there.

Unsure of whether they are friend or foe, Sun Eagle is hit with a triangle-shaped technique and is pulled into a whirlpool like an ant hell. What a place! I’m not sure if I’m an enemy or a friend, but I was pulled into a whirlpool like an ant hell.


Inside the giant belly was the corpse of [Moon Momota]. Just when I thought I had finally found the “Heavenly Jade,” I was interrupted by the mysterious life form that had lived there before me.


The name of the mysterious lifeform is “Shucking Enma,” or the King of Debt. It is a creature that lost half of its “gold ball” as collateral for a huge debt, making it difficult for it to maintain its own body. He was neither a member of the Lunar nor the Solar Forces, but he had no choice but to live as a parasite on the bodies of others in order to maintain his own life, so he had entered the body of the [Ant Nest].

I’m not sure what to do. I’m going to implant a parasite in you too!

With that, [Enma] tore off a part of his body that was about to unravel. The fragments quickly take on the form of insects and attempt to attack the Sun Eagle. In fact, the parasite was taken from a part of [Enma]’s body.

I’m not going to be defeated by that!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it or not, but I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site. This is the first time that I’ve ever seen such a thing.

“Agh! If only I had a golden ball, I could keep my body… Hmm! I’ll have to borrow his body for a while!


After being defeated by Sun Eagle, Enma becomes a parasite on the corpse of Moon Momota. When he does, he takes the “Heavenly Jade” into his body as well, and becomes a giant called “Momota Enma”.

“Whoa! What a power! It’s not bad to have a new body, to have such power in a corpse that came by chance.

While shouting this, [Yama] grows to a huge size. At the same time, [Enma] broke free from the parasite of [Ant Nest], and the [Underground Queen Ant Nest] and the three underground races returned to their original forms.


Originally, it was a peaceful 【Anthill Nest】, but it needed food to store nutrients in its body and produce the subterranean race. The role of carrying that food was [Shamballa], [Bermuda], and [Agartha].


According to the story of those who came to their senses, a [parasite] was mixed in with the food on its way to the ants’ nest, and the [ants’ nest] that ate it as it was changed its personality and as a result, its body and mind were controlled by the [Enma].

However, the “Heavenly Jade” that was the original purpose of the game is inside the body of the “Momota Enma” and is difficult to obtain. What to do? [Sun Eagle] ・・・・ to be continued.