「Stickers to ward off bad luck and evil spirits」Explanation


A sudden pandemic! Corona evacuation

I was preparing for a variety of new projects other than stickers for 2020 when the coronavirus problem suddenly occurred. It was like something out of a panic movie: not a specific country, but the whole world was affected by the virus, and it became a pandemic.

Of course, the corona has limited our ability to interact with people, and most of our new projects have had to be reoriented. However, it is a fact that some people have died from this virus.

Ken Shimura (Japanese comedian) dies in Corona


One of the people I admire, Ken Shimura, also died of corona. I took this situation very seriously, and hurriedly created a charity sticker to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. (*Shimura Ken is not included in the stickers.

A monk who actually lived in the Heian period

Motosanzaishi Ryogen was a real Buddhist priest in the Heian period (794-1185) and is known as the creator of “omikuji” (fortune telling) and “talisman to ward off evil. The motif of Motosanzaishi Ryogen (Horned Ambassador) was created to ward off evil spirits to protect against coronavirus damage.

Size approx. 4.8cm x 4.8cm -. The endorsement is “Sengoku Daimyo Seal Style” and the material is silver prism & gold prism. The red “bill” is a removable double seal.

Specter Amabie Boom

Amabie is a yokai that dispels viruses, and legend has it that if you make a picture of this yokai and display it, it will ward off bad luck and evil spirits. The image is Shigeru Mizuki’s version of the yokai Amabie.

The personification of this yokai is the “Yokai Amabie Sticker,” and part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Virus Queen vs. Vaccine Emperor (Kira Prism)

Business card stickers distributed at events during the summer. The motif of Corona’s vaccine development was used to express the battle between viruses and vaccines.


The fight to rid the world of the plague begins now! The Virus Queen (negative)? Or will you be the Vaccine Emperor? Which one are you?