Vol. 3 “Magic Fist Warrior” Commentary


◆Released with official permission from Makken Gummi.


Maken Gummi” was sold by a confectionery company called Sugimoto-ya in the 1980s. This is a continuation of the “Maken Senshi” series, which was an omake of that product. At the time, only the second volume was released, so this is the third volume.

Faithfully reproducing the materials and patterns of the time


Since the work was done with official permission from Sugimoto-ya, we were determined to faithfully reproduce the materials and designs of the time, even if they were handmade.

Incidentally, the illustrator from the 1980s is unknown, as the materials from that time have been lost due to disaster damage. (The flyer is from the 1980s. (The flyer is from the 80’s. Zineen illustrated this third version.

◆Remake the missing numbers from that time.


In the “Magic Fist Warrior” of the 80’s, Fingerlo’s army (positive -9) was missing and was not released. In this remake, we have also produced the missing number. Since the other characters are a continuation from the second version, this will be the third numbering.

The 80’s “Magic Fist Warrior” is also a figure!


The figures are made of colored resin and rubber, and include older versions of the characters from the 1980s.

Part 3 [The Magic Fist Warrior] Story

It is the year 2100, and the forces of the Demon Empire are invading the bright and peaceful kingdom of Fingerlo from another dark dimension. However, the use of modern weapons has been banned by the Galactic Nebula Peace Federation. So a fierce battle between bare hands and bare hands is about to begin!