May 4, 2018 : From Demon Fist to Demon Sword… a project to recreate the 80’s version of the Demon Fist Warrior!


With the permission of Sugimoto-ya, I am making a handmade version of the Demon Fist Warrior (old 80’s version). I wanted to make a connection between the Demon Fist Warrior and the Demon Sword Warrior, so I’ve taken over the numbering from the second version. The numbering is taken over from the second version (positioned as the third version of the old work).

I also made No.9 of Fingerlo Empire. At that time, only the “correct-9” was missing and was not made.

◆Everything about the old Demon Fist Warrior is a mystery.

In the 80’s, there are no original drawings of the Magic Fist Warrior, and it is a mystery who even drew the illustrations. The original manufacturer, Sugimoto-ya, has no documentation, so all we have is the stickers that were released at the time.

So I decided to dig deeper into the mystery and make a continuation.

◆Reproduce the touch and material of the Magic Fist Warrior.


First of all, there’s the touch. The old Demon Fist Warrior has a distinctive design. For example, the ‘eyes are the same for men and women’.

Many of them have double-circled eyes, and both men and women and monsters have double-circled eyeballs. Another feature is that the face is swollen throughout. The mouth is also curved at the corners to express puffiness. This is the same for Hoppe and the underline of the eyes, and when you analyze it, you can see that it is a technique that uses curves only partially.

◆Magic fist warrior made of expensive mirror aluminum material


So the 80’s Demon Fist Warrior has no normal stickers, only glitter prism and mirror aluminum material. Aluminum and mirror aluminum are completely different materials, and mirror aluminum material is expensive.

The mirror aluminum material is expensive and therefore very costly. (Sweat)

Since the theme of this project was to recreate the period, I ordered materials that were close to the same and made them. Please understand that it costs about twice as much as the Otogeek.

◆I made an interesting discovery with an old Demon Fist Warrior.


Other demon fist warriors of the time have a gold mirror aluminum background with a ruin pattern on it. I researched to recreate this, but I found that all the old stickers had slightly different patterns.

I think this is because in the 1980s, the patterns were drawn by hand, not by computer.

However, since there are only stickers in existence, it is impossible to know the entire pattern. I had no choice but to draw the pattern of the ruins in my imagination.


As you can see, this is a technique where half of the image is drawn by hand and then combined.

In the 80’s, the method would have been to color the illustration on top of the celluloid, but since celluloid is more expensive today, I decided to use a computer.

◆From Demon Fist Warrior to Demon Sword Warrior

To briefly explain the story, the Fingerlo Empire pulls out the legendary Demon Sword and revives the Demon Sword Warrior, while the Demon Hand Army revives the Demon Fist Hermit, an evil monk icon who has mastered fist techniques that are more competitive than the show…

This “Demon Sword” leads to the future of the Demon Sword Warrior, and the Demon Fist leads to the future of God’s Guchokipper.

In a more in-depth sense, it expresses the connection of toy culture by remaking the continuation of the 80’s taste stickers to the present day (as the third installment).