July 2, 2015: [In Memoriam] Shigeo Uchida – The Fortress of Necros – The Charm of Modeling

Speaking of Shigeo Uchida, he is famous for sculpting the Necros Fortress, an 80’s omake toy. I think I first learned about him in a magazine called “Mandarake Trash №04”.

Now that Shigeo Uchida has passed away, I decided to write an article about the appeal of the Necros Fortress as a way of mourning.

Necros’ fortress, which I collected as a child (kept as it was then)


If I look for it, I might still find it, but for the time being, I took out the Necros fortress that I had put in a cardboard box for the first time in a long time. Let’s take a look back at its many memories, along with the beauty of its form.

Necros hierarchy in modeling.



Top: “Necraga” (big boss)

Middle: “Necros” (boss)

Bottom: “Necros’ disciple” (middle boss)

ネクロス ネクロス

This is the sculpt of Nekuraga, the big boss from the first four games. It’s a big boss, so you can see that it has a strong flesh.

Necros, who is actually a bad guy, is the main character.


Next is Necros, a character that has been revived many times from the first to the eighth bullets, and is both an enemy and a hero. Please take a look at the enlarged image to see the details of the sculpt.

One or two bullets.

Three or four bullets.

Five or six bullets.

Seven or eight bullets.

Necros’ disciples also have a backstory.


From left to right: Majoros, Mecharos, Oniros, Dokros, Hebiros, Decaros, and Takoros.

Docross,” which is defeated by two bullets but later resurrected.


“Majoros” reformed and became “Joros.


Almost assassinated by a subordinate, but absorbs it in reverse “Oniros”.


Top: Oniros
Bottom: Shogun

They combine to form “Onishogun”. This is the modeling and card.


Sculpted to the size of the second joint of the finger.



Even the mechanical details of the Mechalos are sculpted and reproduced.

Detailed parts and gimmicks are also sculpted.

ネクロス image image

If you compare the two, you can see that it is sculpted to the size of a fingernail.


He has been working on various forms of modeling, such as shields that combine.


My heartfelt condolences go out to all of you.


This is the latest work by Hiroshi Adachi, the author of “Fortress of Necros.

Dendrogygus: The Demon Castle of Metamos, the latest work by Hiroshi Adachi, author of the popular 80’s Necros fortress, Tengai Makyo, has been officially remade under the Zineen brand!